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Mike Bloomberg on State of the Economy Four Years After Onset of the Financial Crisis

Both parties, and both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, have let us down. They have focused on generating headlines in the media, rather than generating headcount in the workplace. They have given us an economy that is shrinking our workforce rather than growing our future. And they have tried to divide America into small single-issue constituencies – pitting one against the other – rather than getting us to work together for all citizens.
“As a result of this leadership vacuum, cities around the country have had to tackle our economic problems largely on our own. Local elected officials are responsible for doing, not debating. For innovating, not arguing. For pragmatism, not partisanship. We have to deliver results at the local level – and that’s one reason why, since the 2008 financial collapse, most of the U.S. job growth has happened in cities.

Staying gluten free.

Staying gluten free.

Bijan Sabet: The emergence of "platform first"


When it comes to platforms, it has been well understood - the best platforms start out as applications.

A platform without a “killer” app, is like a tree falling in the forrest. No one knows and no one cares.

As a result platforms are born with “app first”

Facebook’s platform, F8, was born…

cdixon tumblr: Party rounds


The phrase “party rounds” refers to financing rounds where there is no lead investor. Instead, lots of investors - often including large VCs - put in $100k each or less.

Party rounds have been popular for a few years now, so there is enough history to know how they turn out. For investors,…

Dentist appointment in a few hours – View on Path.

Dentist appointment in a few hours – View on Path.

"It’s time to put email in its place."


This is the teaser page for Mailbox, a new product by the Orchestra team. I can’t say too much yet, but I’ve seen what they’re up to (we are investors, after all). It’s potentially game changing when it comes to email. And those who follow my email saga closely will know that I would not say that lightly. 

They have a bit more about the process of evolving from Orchestra to Mailbox here. The best excerpt:

At first the idea seemed crazy. Email felt like this massive thing that startups don’t mess with. “This path is paved with corpses,” one friend told us. To be really blunt, we were scared. But as we explored the idea and the capacity of our team to tackle it, we felt emboldened. We realized we could apply everything we had learned about building fast, friendly, mobile collaboration tools to the inbox. We can’t replace email, but we can change how we interact with it.

Bingo. It’s not about replacing email. That has been tried and tried and tried and failed and failed and failed. It’s about changing the way we perceive email. 

Mailbox is not quite done yet, but it will be worth the wait. Trust me.

New England clamebake by @gracelee.  Like a veteran. with Grace at South Cape Beach

New England clamebake by @gracelee. Like a veteran. with Grace at South Cape Beach