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I joined Facebook early in 2006, when they were a community of 4 million, and led teams through hyper growth and intense competition when MySpace was the behemoth and the industry felt saturated.

As a part of Facebook’s Business Development and Mobile organizations, my colleagues and I in…

"[W]e have the opportunity…to make communication more personal, emotive and expressive." #investor!

Hacking the Law cc @danprimack @krabois @judicata

"To be successful in this domain you need some appreciation for the nuances of the profession, and it’s rare to find someone who has that and advanced computer science ability. What’s striking about Judicata is that a majority of the team has both a JD and CS degree. Sometimes I’ve gone by the office at lunch and seen them have the entire company take bar exams and debate the answers. It really is an unusual mix that would be very difficult to replicate." -@krabois talking to @danprimack